The Fast Track to Making an Income From Home With Email Marketing

The Fast Track to Making an Income From Home With Email Marketing

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Flexibility: Training to make a part or full-time income from home allows you to work on your own schedule, giving you the flexibility to balance work and personal life effectively.
  • 2. Low startup costs: Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, starting an online business with email marketing requires minimal investment, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.
  • 3. Passive income potential: With an established email list, you can automate your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to generate passive income by promoting products or services even when you're not actively working.
  • 4. Global reach: The internet provides a global marketplace, enabling you to reach potential customers from around the world. This broadens your target audience and increases your income potential.
  • 5. Scalability: Email marketing allows you to scale your business easily. As your email list grows, you can reach more people with your offers, potentially increasing your income without significant additional effort.
  • 6. Personal growth and learning opportunities: Training in email marketing and building a big list opens up avenues for personal growth and learning in areas such as digital marketing, copywriting, and customer relationship management. These skills can be valuable for future endeavors as well.

Course Content

The Two-Minute Trainer Part 1
This is where we get to explore the company website, and check where we can find our future commissions, and referrals

  • Part 1

The Two-Minute trainer, Part 2
In this part, we show you step by step exactly how to send out emails, etc The best way to do it is in the way that it works best. Take a look, and follow the steps

The Two-Minute Trainer Part 3
This is where we find out how much we have made, etc., for sending out the emails. You did actually send them out didn't you? In which case you have made income

The Two-Minute Trainer, Part 4
This is an advanced session for those who want to treat this as a serious home venture. It isn't for everyone - in fact, 80% of free triallists wont get this far, as 15 minutes work a day is all too much..

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