***NEW*** How To Make MLM Work For You (12 Module Course and 137 Page eBook)


***NEW*** How To Make MLM Work For You (12 Module Course and 137 Page eBook)

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MOST IMPORTANT: By taking part in this course, you will not be asked to join a venture, or be ‘pitched’ on anything. Our reputation is too valuable to us – so on that basis, let’s get stuck in…

MLM – what a huge subject!

My son Scott and I started in our MLM career in the 90’s, with a company called Kleeneze, which we dabbled at part-time. We soon saw that the multi-level marketing structure was the perfect vehicle for future wealth, but the company wasn’t the right home.

Eventually the recession saw off my conventional business, and Karen and I were left virtually homeless. You can read our story HERE.

I guess you might think that ours was the fairy tale story, where we rose to fame and fortune. That wasn’t strictly true – we joined several companies before we found what we were looking for. You have to sometimes kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!

What was true is that we continually found it difficult to pick ourselves up and start another day working at something that wasn’t giving us enough to even get the money together to go food shopping at the end of the week. We had many dark days at that time.

If I could pinpoint the reason why we became so successful in our chosen venture, it was because we had absolutely nothing whatsoever to fall back on – no wage, no benefits (we weren’t entitled to any due to voluntarily giving up our failing conventional business) no pension – nada. Just a few hundred pounds in the bank.

Read that one again – that is WHY we were successful. So many people dabble with MLM, and then give up because it all seems like too much effort or it takes too long to get going, and they go back to a life of quiet desperation, with the next disaster, recession, or job loss just around the corner. It is such a shame when they stop 3 feet short of the winning post.

If you are going to make a go of MLM, at least commit to doing it properly. And if you really want to make a go of it, we will personally help you if you have purchased our course. That is a promise.

So on that basis – let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Trevor and Karen

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

MLM Insider Tips and Methods for newbies and those who are struggling with the concept?

Here is a selection of methods etc. that will help you if you do intend to build an organisation
1. An explanation of pyramid selling
2. How to Get Customers and prospects
3. How to Follow Up
4. Features v Benefits
5. How To Build a Business With 6 Beebies
6. The Monkey Trap
7. The answer to…
8. Friends Bermuda Triangle
9. Wanna da Pepper?
10. How To Handle Objections
11. How To Make MLM Work For You – 137 page eBook
12. Motivational Reading/Videos

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