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Total Mindshift by Karen Blake

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A powerful mini-course to create the mindest of a positive, happy entrepreneur in control of your own destiny.

Control your life, easily, and with my help.

Here are just some of the testimonials on file from people that I have been able to help

Here are just some of the testimonials that we have on file. These people made the decision to change, and here are the results:

From David Testimonials

“I was at the end of my tether when I was recommended to book a session with Karen by a friend. I thought I was beyond help. Life had become increasingly difficult for me with my anxiety levels through the roof. I can’t believe that after my first hour and a half session I was feeling so much better than I could go outside and keep the feeling of being ok.

I came for a follow-up appointment a week later and left feeling brand new, I was able to go back to work after a long period off because of my anxiety. That was the most magical feeling ever, my anxiety was gone, it was controlled by me. I can’t thank Karen enough for giving me back my life and so quickly”.

David, Norfolk

TestimonialsFrom Rosemary Testimonials

“I’ve got my life back and now it’s better than before. Thank you, thank you”

Rosemary, Herts

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Debbie Testimonials

“I was at a crossroads in my life, I couldn’t decide which way to go, which path to take. Just one session with Karen gave me all the clarity I needed to decide. The best decision I’ve ever made, thank you so much”

Debbie, Bucks

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Charlotte Testimonials

“I was really a nervous wreck when it came to interviews for a job. I fell apart, the interview never really had a chance to happen as I would walk away, not even go into reception. Karen helped me to get rid of this irrational fear and I have applied for and got the job I really wanted. Thank you so much”

Charlotte, Norfolk

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Robert Testimonials

“I am an addict and by seeing Karen I am now clean. At the time of writing this, I have been clean for 2 years. My addiction was ruining my life, losing everything and everyone I held dear. Now I am happily married and have rebuilt my relationships with most of my family”

Robert, Manchester

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Vicky Testimonials

I was suffering from panic attacks with blackouts. I was living with the fear of this happening time and time again, life was getting on top of me and I was living on nervous energy. I had an appointment with Karen who advised me that I would probably need a couple of sessions to get to the bottom of what was causing my problem. Well it only took one and I haven’t had an attack since, and I feel marvelous as the fear has gone. x

Vicky, Norfolk

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Peter Testimonials

“I was stuck with my online business. It wasn’t going anywhere. I work from home and had tried using other ideas I had been given to get the results I wanted but without success. I couldn’t seem to get customers; in fact, I couldn’t attract anyone. I had a one to one session with Karen, and she showed me a few little tweaks I could do and WOW! My whole business turned around. I am so grateful that I had that appointment with this incredible lady. I can’t actually put into words what she does. You simply have to try it yourself”

Peter, Bolton

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Judith Testimonials

“I thought my life was over when I was given the diagnosis, it felt like the end, I was devastated I was so young and to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life was not a good thought. I was in my teens and I had so much to look forward to. I had been in and out of the children’s hospital and I wasn’t getting any better. My Mum who is a friend of Karen’s was telling her about me.

Karen offered to see me if I was willing. I saw Karen for a week on a weeklong retreat. By the time I left, I was using only a crutch for support on long walks and journeys, I was out of my wheelchair, I was elated. I have continued to improve daily and now I walk completely unaided. It was hard, I had to work on myself, but it was so worth it”.

Judith, Valencia, Spain

Total Mindshift by Karen Blake 1
From Pauline Testimonials

I was becoming agoraphobic, and I don’t know the reason. The more I tried to fight it, the worse it got. I ended up being unable to go out of my front door and get in the car for any journeys, let alone trying to go into shops. As you can imagine, it was ruining my life. I couldn’t visit friends or relatives, I couldn’t go on holiday, and the only time I felt safe was when I was behind my own front door.

I tried everything, and nothing helped Then I had 2 sessions in total with Karen after she explained that she could help me. Suffice to say that after several years of being a prisoner in my home, I was able to go anywhere I wanted. It was really weird – gone were the panic attacks, I had no fear of opening my door and stepping out, and I could at last go and visit my grandchildren without them having to come to me every time. I got my life back. And I don’t know what else to say about it really!

Pauline, Norfolk

If you would like help and support, especially in these difficult times, check out my blog, TOTAL MINDSHIFT

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19 Lessons

The Power of Perception – enrol to see the modules?

A powerful mini-course by Karen Blake designed to create the mindest of a positive, happy entrepreneur in control of your own destiny
Introduction – did you enrol to access the modules?
How to Make a Vision Board – bonus lesson
The Present Time
How We See Things
The 12 Intelligences
Manifesting You
Power Dressing
Mind Monsters
Limiting Beliefs
Limiting Beliefs (continued)
Mirror, Mirror
Plan Your Way to The Top
My True Reason
The Big Difference
The Power of Kaizen
Notes to Remember

Third Eye Mediation?

One of the ways to remove stress, relax and unwind is, as you know, through mediation. Here is a sample