Work At Home & Digital Marketing For Seniors Video Course


Work At Home & Digital Marketing For Seniors Video Course

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If you’re a senior citizen, you should definitely look in to working from home using the Internet. You may not need the money, but you can definitely use the engagement.

Wouldn’t you want to work on something that engages your sense of curiosity, adventure and possibility? Wouldn’t it be awesome to work on something that produces money while at the same time, pushes you to be as creative and as imaginative as before?

Earning an online income may be the answer you’re looking for. You can learn about everything about working from home and digital marketing for seniors with easy to digest guide.

Topics covered in this video course:

  • Why should you work from home?
  • Get an online job as a virtual assistant
  • Customer service representative/technical support
  • General freelancer
  • Become a blogger
  • Translator
  • Business consulting
  • Bookkeeper or tax accountant
  • Online tutor or teacher
  • Become an Online Seller
  • Virtual Juror
  • Other Work from Home Opportunities
  • Where to Get Online Jobsenior Citizens’ Guide To Basic Digital Marketing

Includes ready sales materials!

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Topics for this course

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Module 1 – Training Videos

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Work at Home & digital marketing for seniors Course