How to Get ‘Enough People Looking’ at Your Products/Services in 2021

If you promote any sort of venture online, you need to get Enough People Looking. If you don’t you don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of succeeding. Like – duh…

You only have to look at what is happening in our world today. Shops, cafes, restaurants, bars – once thriving businesses are now dead in the water due to the lockdowns. So whilst they might have beautiful premises, state of the art equipment, and positive motivated staff – all of this counts for nothing unless they have customers coming through the door!

Not everyone is going to spend money when they do set foot inside – but if droves of people are visiting, some will stop and buy.

The challenge with online marketing is that it can be an extremely expensive operation – especially if you don’t know what you are doing. It goes without saying that you don’t have shop overheads such as rent, rates, lighting, heating, staff, etc. to fork out, so you can afford to spend money on attracting customers (so many people think they don’t need to, and they wonder why their venture doesn’t go anywhere…)

Getting Enough People Looking

So which way could you go? Social media ads? Google adwords? sales funnels, autoresponders, emails, etc.? It seems that no matter which way you choose, you would end up spending lots of money, trying out things that might just work, if only you knew what you were doing…

Here’s a way that you can get Enough People Looking without breaking the bank. Indeed, it is so affordable, it is laughable (and I will show you clear and absolute proof). This method is an absolute doddle to set up, and will provide you with real visitors to your site, browsing your offers.

IMPORTANT: We can help you get them to your site – but if your offer is no good, we can’t force them to buy or join!

So – first of all, take a look at the snapshot below. We started this campaign a few days before the snapshot, but you can clearly see that every day, day in, day out, people are physically clicking on our advert and going to the site, to look at either joining or buying products. The site, by the way, is Wikaniko, a UK eco-friendly company – and the visitors shown are targetted just for the UK (you can target them for anywhere)

Here’s the snapshot:

enough people looking

This is a type of Solo Ad. Now with solo ads you can pay a lot of money – possibly $150+ to get this amount of clicks, and it is usually a one-time hit. The results that you see are for actual clicks, day in, day out, every day.

The cost? Just $27 for the month…

Now work that out – an average of 40 visitors a day for say 30 days is 1,200 REAL people looking! (If you want a couple of thousand visitors a month, you can pay a little more).

In my view, that is astounding. Enough People Looking – okay, it’s not Enough People yet, but it is probably 1000 more that you are getting at the moment! And this could be up and running in 24 hours.

By the way – lets professionally write your ad for you, so you stand an even better chance of succeeding. That is a FREE service for this month.

Summary – Enough People Looking

Either you want your venture to work, and to get people to join, or you don’t. Either you want to sell your products and services, or build a list of people to promote things to in the future, or you don’t. For this amount of spend, you can find out for yourself, without losing your shirt – which you will do with other advertising methods. Furthermore, this method of advertising guarantees you the results, along with the independent tracking source that you see above. There is nothing more exciting than seeing visitors popping into your business, and knowing that you have people browsing!

CLICK HERE to give it a go. You will be so glad that you did.

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