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There are 75,000,000 WordPress sites on the internet, and that figure is rising daily.

Why You Should Visit WordPress Doctor?

We would suggest that around 50 million (and more) of those sites are poorly constructed, don’t have proper SEO (search engine optimization), and do not work properly. so they are doomed to fail from the start, no matter how much time and effort is poured into social media/google advertising, etc.

Furthermore, over 30,000 WP sites are hacked every single day! The site owners log in to their site in the morning after spending hours, days, weeks setting up their pages, only to find that there is a ransom demand…

WordPress Doctor

Recently we came across a service called The WordPress Doctor, which helps any WordPress owner get their site analyzed, the problems rectified, and the site SEO ready.

However, it is absolutely no good trying to protect a site or build on a site that is lacking in certain attributes. So there is a simple, and very cost-effective starting point. Basically, they fix WordPress SEO Issues to help you rank better on Google and all other major search engines.

Take a look at what the WordPress Doctor service does. It is actually mind boggling to say the least!

First of all, a detailed analysis of your site is carried out to see what the technical On-Page SEO issues are. These are fixed to make your website perfectly optimized. This in turn makes your WordPress website Google friendly. Once the audit is run

The WP Dr will also solve all WordPress On-Page SEO issues that are causing problems, to get you ranked on Google.

Which extraordinary service includes WordPress Doctor

all this 20 extraordinary service are provide by WordPress doctor.

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Pages and Products Metas
  3. Google Analytics Installation
  4. Website Content Analysis
  5. WWW vs. Non-WWW Analysis
  6. Search Engine Friendly URL Structure
  7. Logo-ALT Tag Analysis
  8. Images Alt Tags Optimization
  9. Page Not Found Analysis and Fixes
  10. User Sitemap Analysis
  11. Responsiveness Test
  12. Google and Bing Webmaster Installation
  13. Indexing Pages in Major Search Engines
  14. Google and Bing XML Sitemap Creation and Installation
  15. Set Crawl Rate
  16. Meta Tags Creation
  17. Set Preferred URL Version
  18. Robots.txt
  19. Website Indexation Test
  20. Any minor issues discovered along the way.
Have you Visited The Extraordinary WordPress Doctor Lately in 2021? 1

In the past, we have paid several hundred pounds for this type of service, and it didn’t cover half of the above list. So imagine our surprise when we discovered the cost – just £59 with a 3 day turnaround!


Furthermore, they offer a totally free, no credit card required, no obligation analysis, to point out the problems. You can then decide what to do from there. They won’t keep pestering you – that’s a promise (they are way too busy).

The WordPress Doctor digs deep. He doesn’t just treat the symptoms – he gets to the root cause of the problems. If your site is running slow, it may be because your images are not compressed. Do you have a sitemap? Google loves those. Is your website under a penalty? These will be removed – and so on.

Basically, if you are really bothered about presenting a proper image, getting free SEO traffic, and getting your site ready for some blazing social media, then we would urge you to visit the WordPress Doctor with all due haste! With so many WordPress websites that are not very well, the waiting room can get rather full. But if you tell them we recommended you (we send them a lot of work) you get priority treatment.

When you pay a visit, check out the other services that they offer. You will be amazed, and you will wonder how you ever survived before…

(By the way – once the overhaul is done, we suggest you search google for a plugin called ‘Wordfence’ which is fantastic for protecting WordPress websites).

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