How to Help Your Triallists Get Started

“My triallists aren’t doing anything”

Correct. Here’s why….

Following the 80/20 rule, 80% of the people who register for the trial do it out of curiosity, or in the heat of the moment.

(If you want to cut out the jibber jabber, go to the bottom of the page for the emails and url link)

Let’s face it – how many times have you signed up for something, then either got buyer’s remorse, or simply couldn’t be bothered to go through all the information, etc., so you unsubscribed,  or just let it fall by the wayside, ignoring the pleading emails and messages from the person that introduced you?

I know I have, hundreds of times over the last 30 years!

So we are left with 20% of people that want to make money from home.

Why on earth don’t they start if they are that damn keen to make money? After all, it’s not rocket science!

Actually it may as well be to most people. They register, and that part was easy. They then login to their site thinking all they had to do was click the mouse button a few times. Whoa – different colored boxes, hours of videos, credit packages costing hundreds of dollars, flash sales, Conversion hose Media, etc. And that is why most people give up. Total overwhelm from the get go.

Now you know why everyone says: “My triallists aren’t doing anything”. That is because they do the wrong things, or they do nothing. It is as simple as that.

Oh – the other reason is that whoever brought them in simply doesn’t have the facilities or the resources to help them. I don’t see how anyone can teach or help anyone to get started over messenger, or on a phone call. This is a visual venture.

Now that I have got you totally disillusioned, let me a quick story. 

My family went through a rough time, funnily enough at the exact same time that bobby began his email marketing business. I lost our conventional business in the min recession at the time in the UK. We became virtually homeless but someone took pity on us, and allowed us to rent a two bedroom shack in the middle of a 400 acre forest. We did everything we could just to get money to feed our 5 kids, 2 dogs and a budgie ion that tiny place. Then someone presented a UK based business venture to us, and we grabbed it in both hands. 

We did everything wrong. Boy, we messed up big time a lot of times. We feel flat on our faces, but carried on battling though it. Out first commission cheque was 69p (less than a dollar) for a whole month of trying. But we learned. We learned to handle rejection. You see, they were not rejecting us. They were rejecting their own chances of success. “It’s a scam, it’s pyramid selling, it won’t work…

But we started to make inroads, and brought a few people in. Then more, and more.

You see – we simply couldn’t give up. We had nothing to fall back on, no income, no savings no safety net., so it was a question of succeed or starve. And the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Unfortunately, at that time, the company didn’t have a training program, no matter how much we pleaded with them. And one day, the CEO finally snapped.

“What if we train them, and they leave” he said angrily. 

“What if we don’t train them and they stay” I replied.

The next day, I got a call.  telling us that we had a training program – and that we were to set it up and run it! Me and my big mouth…I knew nothing about training, but set about building a program. At the time, the company turnover was around a million pounds.

I checked their last company report, and they announced that their turnover was about to hit a billion pounds.  The training has moved on somewhat since then, but we retired a few years ago as the top distributors to live comfortably on the residual income. And out team is now in excess of 32,000 distributors around the UK, growing daily, without our input.


So training, creativity, and resourcefulness is in our blood. And we now spend our time, helping people who do not have access to the resources and facilities that we have, as a way of giving back for everything we have achieved and obtained. 

To this end, we have set up a resource to help you give your triallists a good chance of succeeding, and you don’t even have to break into a sweat. And from this point on, you are in the business of sorting, not convincing.

Here’s what you do:

Send a friendly email to someone that has joined as a triallist (they appear on your Cliqly Referrals in Conversion House Media) along the lines of:



Welcome to a great way of making an income online from home for just 15 minutes a day (do it when you want – its flexitime),

The website can be confusing when you login. so we have prepared a ‘flying start guide” to get you up and running in literally a few minutes. you can either read it or follow the steps in the video.

You are so close to getting the income, and I know you will be able to do this standing on your head. Give it a go!

I am here to help and support, but above all to share in your success.

Let’s do this. go to

Warm Regards



There you go. Check out the link yourself. Check on them every day in Conversion House Media (you can click on their details to see if they have sent out any emails) and encourage them to keep going, or to start.

But at the end of the day if they don’t do anything, move on. you have acted professionally and given them every opportunity to help themselves. Give them a week, then send them a polite email saying you are sorry it didn’t work out, and that you hope they find something easier to do.

Then go and find someone else to help. After all – it is easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead…

We hope that helps. And come back to me and tell me it doesn’t work ,when you have 100 triallists on your system that you have helped, who haven’t gone on to become successful. How many people do you think we had to approach and help in order to be left with over 30,000?

PS your triallists are safe. They are already registered under you, and we don’t know who is accessing the web page to get trained properly. Oh and get yourself a landing page, like the one we offer (all done for you, we even host it)  – don’t try and convince people to join by waving your commission statement in front of their faces. That’s so crass, and unprofessional don’t you think?

If you are stuck and need help, Contact Us via our contact page.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” Winston Churchill

How to Help Your Triallists Get Started 1


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