How To Manifest Anything That You Could Ever Want 2020

This is not an article, this is my life story which I’ m going to share with you. Explain everything how to manifest anything that you could ever want. Hope you will love it.

If you have read our About Us page, you will know that back in the 90’s we lost our conventional business, and found ourselves rather destitute.

How To Manifest Anything That You Could Ever Want

We ended up in a 2 bedroom rented bungalow – 5 kids, 2 dogs, and a budgie. And we had to start from scratch.

I had already broken free of the ‘job’ farce, by reading The Lazy Mans Ways to Riches by Joe Karbo. So I had a positive mindset – and I realized that our temporary situation was necessary in order to progress in the right direction. We weren’t meant to run the conventional business, as we were merely slaves to that business, with a ‘job’.

For a long while, I had been studying manifestation, using your subconscious mind to get anything that you wanted. So now was the time to put it into practice.

I remember the day clearly. It was in the summer of 1997. We sat the kids on our bed, armed with paper and coloring pencils, and I had a pen and paper. I asked everyone what we as a family really wanted. We imagined we wrote, we drew, we colored in.

Oh, how I wish I had kept those drawings and scribblings to shoe you!

Out of them all, I made the list of what we all wanted. At the time, everything was pure fantasy, but I wrote it down anyway, including what I wanted to achieve

Collectively, we conjured up:

A big house with a circular driveway. Miles said it was huge and had a funny statue above the door. To get to the house, you had to go through white gates and down a long driveway. Kate wanted horses in a field along the driveway. I wanted a gate in the garden leading to fields where I could let the dogs run without ever having to go on the road.

Karen wanted a posh car and a runaround car for going into town. I wanted a Lotus Esprit, maroon. Kate wanted her own ponies. We all dreamed of a holiday on an idyllic paradise island, living like Robinson Crusoe. I wrote down that our income was £10,000 a month residual income.

There were lots of other things too (I only recall all the main things). But every night and every morning, I read these desires out loud and imagined it all coming true – as if we were already living in that life.

The best pointer I can give you is that in December 1999, we went for two weeks to the Maldives, staying in Robinson Crusoe type huts watching the sun go down on one side of the island, and sitting in the white sand watching it come up on the new Millennium on the other side.

We were living in a huge Edwardian Hall in Norfolk – with a bat symbol above the front door just as Miles had drawn. There were peacocks roaming about. Kate had her horses in the huge field alongside the sweeping driveway, through white gates.

I took the dogs for a walk on sunny days, through the gate at the end of the garden, and into the fields without seeing a road. We drove a Bentley, albeit an older type. We had a Nissan Terrano to run around in, and when I went to get my Lotus Esprit I decided on a yellow one instead of the maroon one that I had seen advertised.

how to manifest anything That You Could Ever Want

how to manifest anything – how to manifest anything that you could Ever want

The Hall

Our income? It took another 12 months or so to PASS the £10,000 per month residual income mark that I have visualized, but we were already living the dream lifestyle, as we made our way to the top. And I clearly recall the day it hit £20,000, which was the next goal I had manifested.

All in all, it took us just 6 years to go from nothing to realizing our dreams. And ever since that day in the bungalow, we have always had whatever we wanted.

Here’s where we can bring this story up to date.

How To Manifest Anything That You Could Ever Want 2020 1

how to manifest anything – how to manifest anything that you could Ever want

We eventually moved to Spain, to live life in the sun. We found a beautiful house, and for a long time, we were deliriously happy. Eventually, though, we realized that we had to move back to the UK as our daughter had created 2 lovely grandchildren, and Karen’s parents had hit their 90’s. It was becoming increasingly difficult to travel back and forth after 2 back operations with complications, so we decided it was time.

The challenge we had was that it was virtually impossible to sell properties in Spain due to the uncertainty over Brexit. But we put the house on the market, but a foreign couple came forward to buy the house. so we were hopeful.

After a year of messing about, the couple pulled out – as they do. So we were back to square one. It was disappointing, to say the least.

However, we knew the power of manifestation. so I wrote down: “We have sold Bourgan Villa easily, and have tidied up all our affairs with no more ties to Spain”

Let me tell you how difficult that seemed.

We had the house and all the furniture which we didn’t actually want as we had loads of it in the UK. We had two Spanish cars, one leased and one owned. We had bank accounts there, and so on. We had just passed the January 31st announcement that we were coming out of Europe. And the Spanish authorities had announced new laws regarding ex-pats in Spani, and the selling of houses, due to be passed shortly.

But I read my goal morning and night and visualized punching the air having sold the house.

Then, in early February, whilst back in the UK we received a call from the estate agent. They had an English couple who were looking to stay in Spain and were about to put a deposit on a property they had seen and liked. The agent persuaded them to drive by our property to take a look.

The couple fell in love with our property!

We had to go straight back to Spain as they were putting a deposit on the house and we need to sort out a huge amount of Spanish bureaucratic nonsense in order for everything to happen. We had allowed ourselves a week to do it all in.

Suffice to say that just over 3 weeks from the phone call we had sold the house. The couple wanted the furniture inside – all of it. The estate agent wanted our car for their son, and the leasing company was happy to take their car back even though it was still in contract.

not only had we sold the house etc., the day before we flew back to the UK the money was being transferred to our account and we no longer had any ties with Spain.

The estate agent said it was a miracle, as it normally took 3 – 4 months and it was impossible to sell rural properties in the current climate.

A week later, Spain went on full lockdown as the coronavirus swept through the country. If we had been one week later we would still be there now (as I write) and forget about selling the property – ever.

So yes, we believe firmly and totally in the awesome power of manifestation. So much so that we promote Manifestation Magic which contains all the elements that are required to manifest anything you want – quickly and easily.

If you haven’t got what you want out of life as we have, we urge you to check it out for your own sake

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