How to See and Manage Your Cliqly Purchases, Invoices and Subscriptions

It is very easy to get excited about this business venture, and get carried away ordering packages etc.

Then, several months down the line you realise that you have not kept a record of everything that you bought. Then you have to sift through piles of emails to find the order receipts.

Or, you can do it the easy way! 

Simply CLICK HERE to access your purchases. (You must use the email that you use at Cliqly to make those purchases.)

How easy was that?

The next think to do is to enter the purchases onto a simple spreadsheet. If you go to our SHOP, you will be able to download a FREE spreadsheet to enable you to do that.

Cancelling a Subscription

If you wish to cancel a subscription, say for a trial that didn’t work out, that is just as easy. 

In the same website, apart from your purchases, you will see ‘Subscriptions’. click on that icon, and there you can update your card, cancel your subscription etc.

Once you have cancelled, either refresh the page, or come out of the website, go back to your emails and click on the link again, that they gave you. Then check the subscription page again.

How good is that?

We hope that helps. Lets treat this as a business!

CLICK HERE to access all your purchase history

cliqly purchases
How to See and Manage Your Cliqly Purchases, Invoices and Subscriptions 1


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