Understanding MyInboxPro

Now that you are under way with your Cliqly venture., you might want to take a look at MyInboxPro as a way of making even more income every day.

Note: It isn’t worth looking until you are at least Tier 2 with 30,000 subscribers. Having said that, here we go…

In a nutshell, you can make extra money each day from sending emails through MIP as well as Cliqly normal system;

You can send out your own offers (they require approval which doesn’t take long).

Rather than trying to talk you through it, the ever helpful Will Fant did a series of videos explaining how the system works, what it costs, and what you get from it.

Take a look.

MyInboxPro Overview


Video 2 – How to get a MyInboxPro account

How to Get a MyInboxPro Account

Video 3 How to Set up your Account

How to Set up MyInboxPro

Video 4 How to Send Emails via MyInboxPro

How to Send Emails MyInboxPro
Understanding MyInboxPro 1


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