Onto – a Great New Way to Get a Car (Electric)

Have you heard of Onto?

I thought I would share my experience with you about the company because the information might benefit someone.

Onto offers electric vehicles on a monthly basis at a great rate. The cost includes charging, insurance, VAT etc. You can rent privately or as a company.


It also doesn’t matter if you haven’t got an electric charger – you can charge it up at home in an ordinary socket, or at a nearby charging station.

We needed a vehicle to fill the gap between returning a leaded company car and waiting for the new one, where the arrival date was not certain. So this arrangement is ideal for us. If we wait longer than a month, we can simply call them and carry on the rental for another month, or even change to a different car.

Try out cars with Onto

What a great way to try out the different electric vehicles! Get a different one every month.

Is it expensive to do? Quite the contrary – a small runaround car is about £400 a month fully inclusive. We needed an SUV so got the Citroen E-C4 for £589 a month.

Compare that to a car hire place. The difference in cost is huge. Just thought I would pass on the info in case it benefits you, now, or sometime in the future when you need a car quickly. (I don’t get a commission for sharing this!)

Example Onto vehicle cost


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