We would like to help resolve previous payment issues.

IMPORTANT: We are not the company. We simply have a vested interest in promoting the excellent Cliqly venture, and would like to move forward in a positive, professional manner, leaving out emotion and upset on both sides of the fence.

Like many, I have not been paid, neither has one of my team members – even though we had been paid previously.

It is clearly understood that the company is totally committed to paying members, as they are extremely ethical, caring people – but issues regarding missed payments are causing extreme frustration, negative posts and bad press. This is becoming unelivevably disruptive and destructive.Together, we can help stop that overnight, and get missed payments into accounts.

The Challenge:

 Cliqly has recently stated that around 200 members have not been paid because their details are incorrect. We will focus on members that have been paid before, and suddenly a payment or payments  were skipped, with seemingly no hope of getting them.

As such, these members' payment details are clearly correct. So soemthihg is obvioulsy wrong.

So, it makes sense to identify the problem for the company to laser target those payment issues. This is simple to accomplish if we help them. It may be a problem mainly with payments via Wise or a banking problem somewhere. Unless it is identified and resolved, nothing will change.

Let’s find out - please enter your details below, and the spreadsheet of missed payments will be forwarded on your behalf. Pass on this link ASAP to anyone that you know has not been paid:


NOTE: This form does not ask for any sensitive information whatsoever that could possibly be used for other means. Your names are freely available on Facebook, and the company should be able to identify you by your Affiliate ID.

You do not need to give an email address or banking information. As such, your data is totally meaningless to us or anyone other than the company.

We have borne the cost of this exercise out of our own pockets to help both you and the company to resolve the situation which, up until now, has not been dealt with in correctly, in our opinion.

    Payment was expected via(Check which applies)

    Have you been paid previously via this method?

    Which dates are payments missing from

    How much are you waiting to receive in total?

    Have you contacted support and asked them to resolve it?

    If yes, how many times have you tried?

    Payment 1

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