The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches

I recall how my entrepreneurial journey began way back in 1985. I was a police sergeant, on a place called Canvey Island in Essex. I had begun my police career in 1972, in Glasgow, eventually transferring down to Southend on Sea. How I ended up on Canvey Island god only knows. At night it was like a cemetery with lights on. I knew that I did not want to end up serving out my time in that godforsaken place with its methane terminals, concrete sea wall and nothing happening for days on end to keep me occupied. How I longed for my old beat in Glasgow, fighting with the drunks in the pubs and chasing criminals nonstop! So I guess I began looking for some real purpose in my life, whilst knowing full well that I had the safety of a job, with a steady wage and a pension if I just stuck it out long enough. By chance, I saw an advert in a daily newspaper by a guy called Joe Karbo who was advertising a book on how to become wealthy. The headline grabbed me – ‘The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches’. So I sent off the £5 to get the book, not knowing what to expect or whether it would help me get out of the rut that I was in. Suffice to say that from the moment that I got the book and started to follow what Joe had laid out, my life, and my fortune changed. Within 6 months I had walked away from my safe job with a pension, and had set myself up in business! Bearing in mind that this book is probably 40 or 50 years old now, some of the methods and suggestions do not apply. But you have to admire a guy who went from broke and in debt in the American depression, to being a multi-millionaire. Give it a try. I guarantee that if you apply the relevant methods that Joe explains, your whole mindset will improve massively, and you will start to go down the right path to wealth and security. …and why wouldn’t you read it? It’s here and it’s free. And I owe my fortune to this man. Thanks Joe.
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