No. 1 Utility Warehouse: A Phenomenal All-Rounder

That is where Utility Warehouse steps into the frontline to bridge the gap. It is a company that provides an all-in-one solution for taking care of your bills and insurance. Utility Warehouse gets everything done under one roof.

However, they are not the only utilities provider in this industry – so how will users compare their services with other companies?

Most people these days don’t like the idea of having to pay their bills with various different companies. It can be tedious, confusing, and above all else, costly when dealing with several companies for your broadband, mobile, and home insurance.

Utility Warehouse (UW) Review By The Money Making Expert

This article is an in-depth review of Utility Warehouse to help you determine if this company is the ideal solution for your home. 

Utility Warehouse
Saving all the way

Utility Warehouse [Review]


If you are hearing about this company for the first time, they are not new in the industry.

They have been operating for almost 20 years, being that Utility Warehouse is a subsidiary of Telecom Plus, which dates as far back as 1996. So they have been around the block more than once, and the company has stood the test of time

This company provides an all-in-one solution in utility bills to users who want to take care of their electricity and gas bills.

They don’t stop there. They also help homes take care of home insurance, landline, broadband services, and mobile needs.

Utility Warehouse seems to be the premium choice for older folks who don’t like the idea of taking care of tons of individual bills rolling in each month.

On the other hand, younger people may not mind paying the bills separately but considering the savings that are made, Utility Warehouse tends to outshine its competitors in terms of affordability, and ease of use in helping to control outgoing costs.

Utility Warehouse Services

Highlighted below are the services offered by this provider tagging along with its prices.

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Insurance

Gas & Electricity

For Utility Warehouse energy services (gas and electricity), customers will have to contact the company and create a quote with them to know the cost.

Nevertheless, it does well to do renewable green energy at the best price compared to most companies in the UK.

The company already provides over 600,000 businesses and homes in the UK with gas and electricity. It is a household name in the industry.


Utility Warehouse offers an excellent Broadband service to users, providing wireless routers, unlimited data, high speeds, free connection, and free calls among UW users. At the time of writing, the prices were:

  • Standard: Monthly charge of £28.99, unlimited data, 11Mpbs speed average
  • Ulta: Monthly charge of £32.99, unlimited data, 35Mbps speed average
  • Ultra+: Monthly charge of £37.99, unlimited data, 63Mbps speed average


When it comes to mobile utilities, this provider outshines other competitors because customers will get to save more on tariffs and flexibility on payments.

Customers that own multiple SIMs will find Utility Warehouse quite appealing because they get to save.

  • Value Package: Users will get 1GB data, 450 minutes and unlimited texts for £10/month
  • Unlimited Package: Users will get unlimited data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for £20/month
No. 1 Utility Warehouse: A Phenomenal All-Rounder 1

Utility Warehouse – An earn From Home Opportunity

Utility Warehouse offers an opportunity for people to become a distributor with them. It plays out to be a unique home-based opportunity that helps individuals save money on household utility bills like energy, broadband, telephone, insurance, and online shopping.

You can join Utility Warehouse as one of the following:

Independent Distributor

The cost to be an independent distributor with Utility Warehouse is £50, while individuals who are already using UW services will pay only £10.

Community Fundraiser (CFR)

Community groups like clubs, charities, and schools can also take advantage of UW to earn from home opportunity, which cost £25. These groups will receive payments for recommending their services to others.

Independent Representative (IR)

Large companies and organizations can join UW and earn an additional income stream through referral. Joining as an IR cost £199.75.

Pros (What we liked)

  • It is regularly at the top of Which? For best provider, etc., etc. This gives it an enormous credibility rating (Which? is an independent consumer watchdog)
  • Offers a single monthly bill for all its services
  • They offer a really interesting replacement light bulb service – check that out
  • It is the only company that we know of which offers a cashback card on purchases, which, if used, will reduce your utilities bill
  • Relatively more affordable cost when compared to other providers
  • Individuals can join UW and earn from home, In fact, the potential income is quite extraordinary, and will allow anyone ed to make both a good upfront income and a long term residual income.

Cons (What can be improved on)

  • You have to subscribe for most of its services to get the very best deal. But why wouldn’t you?

Final Thoughts

Overall, Utility Warehouse offers a ‘one stop’ solution for business and homes utility needs ranging from energy, mobile, and insurance. On the flip side, it also poses has an excellent opportunity to earn from home. The training is second to none – in fact, it is the best training that we have seen anywhere in this type of home venture

So, if you like the idea of having a single utility provider for your home or business, UW is the number one choice – and they will remain so for decades to come to their strong management, great network leaders and excellent customer support for their services.

There is so much more we could tell you, but if you are interested in reducing your utility bills, or/and making extra income, you really need to investigate this thoroughly.

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NOTE: This is not an independent review. I am a proud distributor for Utility Warehouse and have been for almost 2 decades now.

No. 1 Utility Warehouse: A Phenomenal All-Rounder 3
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