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Vetruvian Review

Our thanks to Vetruvian for allowing us to post their review as a sample of the various types of review that we carry out. We don’t just do income-earning ventures – we cover EVERY topic under the sun! Check out this review below.

Pets and animals deserve the best care they can get, especially after surgery. Like humans, seek expert help after surgery for quick recovery or eliminate any complications that may arise.

This goes for our dogs, cats, horses, and other animals alike. They also require the same expertise for prompt recovery or perhaps for treatment.


Are you a pet owner, veterinarian, or perhaps you own several farm animals looking for your animals’ best care? If so, please read on.

This article is an in-depth review of Vetruvian physiotherapy and biomechanics, outlining the features of their services for pet owners, veterinarians, costs, and the reasons we believe Vetruvian is an excellent choice for pet and animal care. 

Vetruvian Physiotherapy and Biomechanics [Premium Animal Care]

Vetruvian is focused on given your pets or animals the best physiotherapy and biomechanics care.

Their veterinarian experts’ team has years of experience and knowledge to provide the best physiotherapy treatment and follow-up for pets and animals.

Vetruvian believes that animals, just like humans, deserve the best physiotherapy and biomechanics veterinarian care, which makes them stand out from other unconventional veterinarians that use just physiotherapy.

Vetruvian Physiotherapy Analysis

What we like most about Vetruvian, is that the physiotherapy treatments are carried out using four treatment methods to provide premium care for animals.

  • Manual Therapies

In the manual therapies, their experts provide more of a hands-on technique using various massage strokes and stretching techniques to improve the performance and flexibility of pets and animals.

  • Electrotherapies

Here, their team uses various therapeutic devices like laser therapy, H-wave, Therapeutic ultrasound, and PLMF to optimize animals’ healing.

  • Remedial Exercise
  • Hydrotherapy

Vetruvian Equine Massage

Asides from physiotherapy analysis, Vetruvian also offers massage sessions for animals at an affordable rate.

Their massage session for animals is relatively more affordable than most veterinarian care, usually on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Vetruvian Biomechanics Analysis

Like we earlier mentioned, Vetruvian provides more than just physiotherapy analysis and sessions for animals. They go the extra mile by providing in-depth professional biomechanics analysis for these animals to keep them physically active. Vetruvian provides the following biomechanics analysis for animals:

  • Equine Gait Analysis
  • Canine Gait Analysis
  • Rider Symmetry Analysis
  • Combined Gait & Rider Analysis
  • Farrier Analysis
Honest Vetruvian Sample Review in 2021 1

Vetruvian Cost

Unlike most animal health care services that are usually expensive, Vetruvian makes its services relatively more affordable. Hence pet owners and veterinarians can access a premium service for less.

Equine Gait AnalysisCanine Gait AnalysisRider Symmetry AnalysisCombined Gait & Rider AnalysisVetruvian Equine Massage
Vetruvian equine gait analysis cost only £95The Canine Gait Analysis cost £65Its Rider Symmetry Analysis cost £65This combination cost £125The equine massage for animals cost £60 per session

Vetruvian – Referral Made Easy

Vetruvian physiotherapy and biomechanics provide a platform where veterinarians can refer clients to them easily without any hurdles.

All they have to do is fill out the form on their official website or reach a professional team member.

This online referral system makes it easy for animals to receive prompt physiotherapeutic and biomechanics care.

Also, you don’t have to go to their centre to book a session for your pet. You can do this easily from the website.

The Vetruvian team has carried out over 100 research projects on pets and farm animals, receiving reputable awards from a handful of veterinary bodies.

In that light, they provide research services for individuals, universities, students, and veterinary bodies interested in animal research.  

Pros of Vetruvian

  • Offers physiotherapy and biomechanics analysis
  • Affordable service costs
  • Excellent follow-up even after sessions or treatment
  • Provides discounts on some services

Bottom Line

Overall, Vetruvian has been a home name in the U.S when it comes to premium care for pets and animals. They don’t just provide physiotherapeutic treatment but also blend in biomechanics analysis to help pets and farm animals fully recover or provide treatment.

So, if you are a farm owner or perhaps a pet owner looking for the best therapeutic care for your animals, Vetruvian is a highly-vetted choice.  

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