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A close friend of mine by the name of John Duncan is an expert in the cryptocurrency arena. I have followed him for several years, through his crytpo journey. Indeed, I have followed his advice on several occasions. I recall him writing for top publications and have read his books. His recent Passive Warrior email series has me hooked.

I picked up on one of his emails and thought that members might be interested in it. Take a look.

(By the way – I have no financial interest whatsoever in forwarding this to you. But if you want to get into cryptocurrency, this might be for you).

From the desk of John Duncan:

 “I have just massively increased my holding in Yield Nodes. I have done this NOT because I know that they are future proof and as safe as houses. How could I? Yield Nodes are fundamentally based on Crypto and we all know that Crypto is still not regulated and can produce a choppy ride, to say the least.

But they have just achieved something wonderful. In the worst month of cryptocurrency markets I have seen in 10 years, they have produced 6.5% growth on my money with them. Yes, that is one month and no it is not impossible. The best month I have had with them so far was February 2021 when they returned a staggering 19.2%. 

This (in case you wondered) is when the fear should hit home for you. How could this possibly go well? I can’t see into the future. I can only tell you that 20 months after I began my Yield Nodes journey, I am closer to my ultimate financial goals than I was before I started and that is taking into account some other things along the way that are not going to plan.

I have made this additional commitment because I believe it is my best prospect of achieving a particular financial goal that I have. And that is the core of this matter. If we can avoid drowning in the soup of what can go wrong and stop focusing only on facts we know to be true through previous pain. And if we can move past our fear for just a moment then…

Maybe, just maybe, we can find it within ourselves to take some small action, some small step toward the improvement we seek. I always like to think in terms of replacement. How much money would I need to replace the money I earn right now if I could not continue to earn it? That is a good starting point.

And it is always enough to start with a small plan, with a small sum of money that does not create too much pain and conflict in your mind. With Yield Nodes, that starting position can be €500 (euros) it does not have to be a life-changing sum. You can build your plan over time. 

I am loving the Yield Nodes experience and I have a bunch of videos on my Passive Warrior site including 3 new “walkthrough” videos I just uploaded. You should take a look to see if this is something that suits you. After all, looking can’t hurt you”.

Here’s the link one final time: YN PAGE

All the best
Ps: This is not financial advice, you have to always make your own decisions based on your own diligent research. This is just part of a story about my journey towards financial freedom

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