10 AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind…and They are Easy (and fun) to Use

(Skip to the video below for a visual demo from Hayley)

AI may seem complex, but there are plenty of exciting and accessible ways for newcomers to start exploring and having fun with it. Here are a few examples:

1. Chatbots: Build your own chatbot using platforms like Chatfuel or Dialogflow. You can create a virtual assistant that interacts with users, answers questions, and even tells jokes.

2. Image recognition: Use pre-trained models like Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services or Google Cloud Vision to identify objects or emotions in images. You can create an app that detects and describes different objects in pictures.

3. Voice assistants: Experiment with creating your own voice assistant using tools like Amazon Alexa Skills Kit or Google Assistant Actions. Teach it to perform tasks, answer questions, or even tell stories.

4. Game development: Incorporate AI algorithms into game development. You can create NPCs (non-player characters) that exhibit intelligent behavior, adapt to player actions, or even learn and improve their skills over time.

5. Music generation: Explore AI-generated music using platforms like Jukedeck or Amper. You can compose unique melodies or even entire songs with the help of AI algorithms.

6. Artistic applications: Experiment with AI-generated art by using platforms like DeepArt or RunwayML. You can transform your photos into stunning artworks in various styles or explore the creativity of AI-generated visuals.

7. Virtual reality experiences: Combine AI with virtual reality to create immersive experiences. Develop virtual characters that can understand and respond to users’ natural language commands or create interactive environments. Remember, the possibilities with AI are vast, and these are just a few starting points.

We have found a video that you can follow to create some of this stuff in a fun way and amaze your friends with your depth of knowledge and skill. Trust me – they won’t know how you did it. Take a look!

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10 AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind...and They are Easy (and fun) to Use 1

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