Yielding to Crypto

Introduction A close friend of mine by the name of John Duncan is an expert in the cryptocurrency arena. I have followed him for several years, through his crytpo journey. Indeed, I have followed his advice on several occasions. I…
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Video Thumbnails – Innocent, or Scary? (Video)

If you are doing videos, and uploading them to youtube, you know that you need to make them attractive so that people will watch your video. however, before you do, check out this information. I think you will be very…
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Emojis – Useful or Nuisance?

Emojis – should you use them? (Video) You might want to use emojis in your marketing materials, but it’s important to understand your audience and how they will react before doing so. Demographics like age, gender, and location will play…
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Onto – a Great New Way to Get a Car (Electric)

Have you heard of Onto? I thought I would share my experience with you about the company because the information might benefit someone. Onto offers electric vehicles on a monthly basis at a great rate. The cost includes charging, insurance,…
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The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches

I recall how my entrepreneurial journey began way back in 1985. I was a police sergeant, on a place called Canvey Island in Essex. I had begun my police career in 1972, in Glasgow, eventually transferring down to Southend on…
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Take The Millionaire Quiz

Have a go. See if you can climb the ladder to being a millionaire in this FREE game! (This is just for fun. Don’t get too excited!)
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Imposter Syndrome – and how to overcome it

Do you suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’? Yesterday, I called a guy called Rob out to service my ride-on mower. He is my go-to guy for mower servicing. He is a really nice person, very efficient, and always fully booked up.…
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The Awesome Power of Manifestation in 2022

The Secret To Manifesting Anything In Life: A Simple Guide What is the secret to manifesting anything in life? Successful people seem to know this secret. As a result, these people can create their lives and the lives of those…
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From Homeless to Millionaire in Just 2 Years

Take a look at this fabulous true, modern rags to riches story, of a guy who was homeless at one stage, then became fabulously wealthy through Instagram. Hopefully, his story will provide inspiration. CLICK HERE to read his story
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