Amazon Publishing – Good or Bad?(we Talk About Etsy too)

Many, many people have a go at publishing books on Amazon On the surface it seems a good idea. You can sell books that are out of copyright (i.e., Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes) and so on. You…
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Email Assessment Analysis

Here is an email assessment analysis spreadsheet to help you check your email sending and identify any areas that you could improve, or any emails that perform poorly or which produce good results. It might look complicated. In fact, it…
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How to Help Your Triallists Get Started

“My triallists aren’t doing anything” Correct. Here’s why…. Following the 80/20 rule, 80% of the people who register for the trial do it out of curiosity, or in the heat of the moment. (If you want to cut out the…
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How to See and Manage Your Cliqly Purchases, Invoices and Subscriptions

It is very easy to get excited about this business venture, and get carried away ordering packages etc. Then, several months down the line you realise that you have not kept a record of everything that you bought. Then you…
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How to Get Enough People Looking at Your Offering

Boost Your Online Venture with Solo Ads: Cost-Effective Strategies for Maximum Exposure Introduction In the digital age, running an online venture has become increasingly competitive. Whether you have an e-commerce store, a blog, a digital product or a service to…
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Understanding MyInboxPro

Now that you are under way with your Cliqly venture., you might want to take a look at MyInboxPro as a way of making even more income every day. Note: It isn’t worth looking until you are at least Tier…
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The Monkey Trap

Have you heard of ‘The Monkey Trap’? Are you in it yourself? Check out our eBook. It may help you massively like it has helped so many others. The-Monkey-Trap-2023-1Download
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Wanna Da Pepper?

Luigi and Giovanni decide to open up a cosy little Bistro. Luigi is going to do the cooking, and Giovanni will wait at tables, although he has never done anything like it before. The first dinner customers arrive and sit…
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The GOYA Principle

You may have heard of the GOYA principle already. It’s the cure to a number of excuses we all make. NOTHING whatsoever is going to happen unless you apply this principle. Do any of these excuses apply to you? I…
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All About Pyramid Selling and Ponzi Schemes

Introduction If you are in a home business venture, invariably you will come across somebody who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, telling you that what you are doing is either pyramid selling or a Ponzi scheme.…
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