How to Buy Shares in Tesla, Google, Amazon using AI – On a Tight Budget

Do you like the idea of ‘dabbling’ in shares?

Does the thought of the big companies with their huge share prices put share trading out of your reach?

These days, you can participate in buying and selling shares, no matter what your budget is!

There are numerous share trading platforms where you can purchase fractional shares (bits of shares) so you can buy into the likes of Tesla, McDonalds, google etc.

It is easy to do – setup takes a few minutes, and then you are up and running. Personally, we found that Trading 212 was really easy, and I love the layout.

The other reason we like it is that you get 5% (at current rates) on any money in your account that isn’t being used for shares! How good is that?

Here is a list (in no particular order) of trading platforms where you can buy fractional shares:

**Robinhood**: Offers fractional shares for thousands of stocks and ETFs.

**Fidelity**: Allows investors to buy fractional shares of stocks and ETFs.

**SoFi Invest**: Provides access to fractional shares for diversified investing.

**M1 Finance**: Specializes in fractional share investing and portfolio management.

**Stash**: Allows fractional investing with a focus on beginner investors.

**Schwab Stock Slices (Charles Schwab)**: Enables fractional share investing through “Stock Slices.”

****: Allows fractional share purchases with a social focus on investing.

**Wealthfront**: Offers fractional shares as part of its automated investing service.

**Betterment**: Provides fractional share investing through its robo-advisor service.

**Stockpile**: Allows users to buy fractional shares and gift shares to others.

**Trading 212**: Known for its user-friendly interface and access to fractional shares.

These platforms cater to investors looking to invest in fractional shares, allowing them to buy portions of stocks or ETFs without needing to purchase a whole share. Each platform may have its own unique features, fees, and minimum investment requirements, so it’s a good idea to explore them to find the best fit for your investment goals.

If you don’t know much about share trading but want to ‘pick the brains’ of people that do, here is a list of shares clubs for you to investigate.

1. **r/wallstreetbets (Reddit)**: Known for its active discussions on stock trading, though it’s important to note that it can be more speculative and high-risk.

2. **Stocktwits**: A social media platform specifically designed for investors and traders to share ideas and insights.

3. ****: Offers a platform for investors to discuss stocks, financial news, and analysis.

4. **Seeking Alpha**: Provides an online community of investors and analysts discussing stocks and investment ideas.

5. **Benzinga Pro**: Offers a chat feature where traders and investors can discuss markets and trading strategies.

6. **Interactive Brokers Community**: A forum within the Interactive Brokers platform where users discuss investment strategies and markets.

7. **Value Investors Club**: A private online community of experienced investors sharing investment ideas and analysis.

8. **The Motley Fool Community**: Offers discussion boards and forums for investors to share insights and ideas.

9. **Tiger21**: An exclusive network for high-net-worth individuals who discuss investments, wealth management, and strategies.

Remember, while these communities can provide valuable insights and perspectives, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any investment decisions. Also, the discussions in these forums can vary widely in terms of risk tolerance and investment strategies, so it’s crucial to find a community that aligns with your investment goals and risk appetite.

Using AI to Invest in Shares

The bad news is that you probably don’t know enough about a company to know whether to buy their shares or not. The good news is that with the advent of Artificial Intelligence picking shares is easy to do.

There is a free (for now) program called Cotter that analyses every share quickly, and gives a score out of 10. The higher the score, the better your chances of making a profit. Check it out!

How to Buy Shares in Tesla, Google, Amazon using AI - On a Tight Budget 1

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