Cliqly Email Marketing Uncovered

There is apparently a way of getting paid via email marketing that is (or was) attracting bees to the honeypot.

It is called Cliqly and is run by a guy called Bobby Jones from Tomball, Texas.

bobby jones
The owner Bobby Jones

The company public records point to a post box and an answering machine, as follows:

14090 FM 2920 SUITE 300
(281) 241-5409

From what members are told, Mr Jones has been in the email marketing business for almost 30 years, in one form or another, and is allegedly a millionaire. He gleefully tells his members that he drives a Bentley, and that his whole family is involved in making money in his business.

For example, take a look at this video, (narrated by an actor from Fiverr) promoting a business in 2019 called Instant Email Empire. Apparently a guy called Bobby runs it. In the video, ‘Bobby’ explains that he won a Bentley in an email marketing competition.

Instant eMail Empire

I wonder what happened to that business, and to the people who spent money promoting it!

Or the businesses before that, i.e.,

The GIM System

The Copy My Email System

…and several others before that!

We also believe that Mailgram which has just been registered (2023-11-04) is from the same stable. They have 21 million emails, you get 5000 subscribers to start, and you get 35,000 credits too. Uh, oh….

Take a look at some comments about Copy My Email System. Its happening again…


The reason for this blog post is simple. I am upset and angry for the hundreds of people that are not getting paid what they are owed, and are simply being ignored – or worse still, deleted from the system if they dare to complain or say anything out of turn. The Bentley driving Mr Jones is not paying the work from home single moms, the disabled whose only hope of staying afloat is earning from their PC, and the families on the breadline struggling to keep their heads above water. It is dreadful. It is shameful. It is awful how he is treating these people. I feel for them. Mr Jones does not share the same compassion I am afraid.

It starts off with a dodgy sponsoring video by a paid actor (who appears on other opportunity websites) and a totally false earnings declaration.


People are attracted to his system of sending out emails and receiving 10 cents for every email that is clicked on. In turn, Cliqly sells the clicks via several websites that he states he owns, for prices between 40 – 70 cents a click.

In amongst that, people were advised and encouraged to build a list of subscribers. The bigger the list, the more emails they could send out, resulting in more 10 cent clicks. The company’s stance is – the bigger the list, the bigger your profits. This is true – except in this case. you are welcome to download your list but it is all but useless outside of the Cliqly program.

It would also appear that the emails are simply bot traffic. Numerous members have verified this vai various means.

There is an in depth review about how it works on Quora. CLICK HERE to read it. (This is one person’s review, but it gives you an idea about how it is all supposed to work).


If you want more honest feedback, see the Trustpilot reviews – they don’t make good reading! The reviews are full of people who haven’t been paid.

Cliqly had appeal – you could join for a free trial to see if you could earn money from it. If you liked what you saw, you paid $97 to upgrade. The bigger appeal was that whoever referred you got the $97, which obviously was a huge reason to promote the opportunity. And the thought of simply sending out some batches of emails for 15 minutes a day to get paid was enough to convince hordes of home income seekers to have a go at Cliqly.

What do we know about Mr Jones’s alleged business dealings?

As you are now aware, he has dabbled in various way of making money over the years. Suffice to say that these ventures have morphed into other names and guises. Is Cliqly about to disappear in its current from and reappear as something similar as it has done previously? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here is a list of companies that are/were apparently run or managed by a Bobby Jones (aka Robert Jones). Somehow, I don’t think this list is exhaustive, but I could be wrong.

bobby jones companies

Here are the warning bells regarding this venture:

Numerous people are not getting paid – and some haven’t been paid since August (this article is written in December). A recent post showed almost 500 people that have not been paid, with some being owed many hundreds of dollars. Every now and then someone pops up saying they have finally been paid what they are owed, giving faint hope to the hundreds that haven’t. Is the company paying members out as and when they get money in? There is no rhyme, reason or pattern to the payment (and non payment) of commissions owed), it cant be a lack of staff – they have over 20 working there?

Due to a lot of negative publicity, the owner recently bribed members to write good reviews in return for email credits. So we can basically ignore any good reviews – and why would a company have to do that? Numerous websites, blogs, Facebook groups are issuing complaints and warnings about Cliqly – way too many to be the odd few disgruntled members. What started out as some complaints and queries is turning into a tsunami of bad press.

Numerous members are sending out the emails and are not even covering the cost of purchasing initial credits. The system works by buying ‘credits’ and then using these to send out the emails. So for example, if you purchase 10,000 credits for $3, you should hope to get more back in 10 cent clicks. This is simply not happening for the majority of people – some are getting less than $1 back in clicks. That’s poor business.

Customer service is non-existent, even though a while back the owner allegedly took on 21 customer service people to help out. There is something radically wrong – and frustrations boil over. But anyone expressing their frustration gets their account suspended. It would appear that the person handing the ever growing list of non payments is someone called Debbie Ramos

If any one dissents on the official Facebook group, they are simply banned. An numerous words such as payment, paid, etc. cause posts to be automatically deleted.

The company refuses to take ownership of the non payment to members. Instead, Mr Jones basically calls members liars, and says the reason for non payment is solely due to incorrect bank details being given. However, many of those members had been paid at least once before via the bank details they gave. So that is clearly not correct. A total lack of cashflow is the more likely reason.

money owed

Members are waiting for prize payments, or credits etc. that they paid for. some are paying for credits and subscribers, and not receiving them – but they cannot get a response from customer support, leading to even more frustration. If their frustration boils over, Mr Jones simply suspends their account, and removes them from the Facebook group. I find that rather incredible.

The owner recently set up a so called ‘Mastermind Group’ whereby people paid $5400 (yes – you read that right) to join and get more credits etc. in order to send out more emails and so on. The guarantee is that if you did not recoup your money after a certain period of time, the company would make up the shortfall. and the benefit is apparently being taught how to do email marketing based on Mr Jones years of experience. That puzzles me – the system is easy to understand – you send out so many emails per day and hopefully get paid something for that effort. Why do you need training? There may be more to the MM group than I am aware of. But once their time is up and he has moved onto the next group – how do the members sustain the momentum of an increased subscriber list, without getting into serious debt? Any person with any common sense can see that it is a car crash that is about to happen, and the only person to come out of it will be Mr Jones leaving a trail of destruction and debris in his wake, before moving on to the next project.

Ask yourself a question – what would be the point of spending out that money, only to eventually break even, and hopefully being paid if the owner keeps his promise of making up the shortfall? But if you look at it from the company’s point of view, 200 – 300 people paying $5400 would give a cashflow in excess of a million dollars – hopefully to pay out the hordes of people who are owed money!

There has been two rounds of this MM set up so far, with the third being launched in January, apparently at an even higher cost. Yet people are clamouring to get on board and throw their money at a company that doesn’t pay out as it should.

It is extremely puzzling – members who are owed money for their work are actually buying into this program! I fear the worst…

I think we can sum it up by saying that I would suggest that you steer well clear of this car crash. You should decide for yourself whether or not it is a total scam, designed to rip you off, or legitimate.


By sending out emails, you open up a can of worms and could be subject to huge legal penalties. Check this out below, then perhaps – get out fast!

By the way – numerous members are reporting that Cliqly is not making up the shortfall that was guaranteed – see below as an example.


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