Millions in Lost Crypto Treasure Waiting to be Unearthed?


We all know the story by now – some programmers under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto created a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin in January 2009.

At first, cryptocurrency was worthless. As an example, in 2010, someone swapped their 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas! Gradually over the years, it has gained enormously in popularity. Fortunes have been made – and lost.

I recall in 2012, my son and I thought Bitcoin was a good idea, and we bought 1000 of them for some ridiculously low price. We put the into a wallet with a long list of numbers and letters, only to lose that wallet address later when our computer’s hard drive gave up. We were not worried at the time, as we did not understand the future value of Bitcoin, and we could not figure out what the address and private keys meant. It all sounded like gibberish to us.

So we thought that it was no great loss – at the time!

Since then, hundreds of millions of wallet addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB etc. have been created. And many of them suffered the same fate as ours. As an example, in August 2022, a man called James Howells tossed out the hardware from an old laptop in his office, along with 8,000 Bitcoin. That hardware is now languishing in a landfill, and he is of course trying everything to find it.

You can read all about it here:  Lost Crypto

There are huge numbers of cryptocurrency wallets that have been lost over the years one way or another, with millions of dollars vanishing into thin air. Some users have passed away, and nobody knows how to access their crypto. Others have lost wallet addresses, sent crypto to the wrong address, lost their offline wallets, or their seed phrases. In fact, it happened to me again a short while back, where I could not access my wallet as I had lost my seed phrase card in a house move. It had thousands of dollars of cryptocurrency on it.

As a result of these lost wallets, some companies have sprung up offering software that seeks out and finds them – and as such, you can recover the cryptocurrency

Millions in Lost Crypto Treasure Waiting to be Unearthed? 1

We came across an ad of Facebook by a programmer who had developed and sold a program that scrolled through old, abandoned wallets (not current live wallets) on the blockchain, apparently revealing both the wallet address and the seed phrase! The costs for the software ranges from $100 to $300.

Here’s a screenshot of the live software from the company, called Trust Mining. It is run by someone called Luca.


Then, I came across another one by a guy called Adam of Crypto AI software offering the exact same thing for $2000. This one is a lot prettier. See screenshot:

Ai Crypto
Crypto AI software

Now I don’t know about you, but if I could get hold of this software, I could set it up to trawl through the billions of seed phrase combinations to find wallets and extract the crypto. How exciting would that be! Old dead wallets with perhaps a small amount of cryptocurrency, perhaps 1 bitcoin, possibly more. Personally, I would be happy with some wallets with a few hundred dollars in – wouldn’t you?

That’s the lure of these programs. There would be nothing more exciting than discovering lost wallets and extracting the crypto from them!

The claims, however appear to be FALSE. The software is simply designed to get you to part from some crypto on the hopes that you will get something back. And of course wen it doesn’t find anything you were simply unlucky.

We purchased both pieces of software from Trust mining. Then we ran both of them on a vps day and night for over a month.

We also purchased the software from Adam at Crypto AI and ran that day and night on the vps.

The result? Nothing. Not a sausage. Yet Adam for example posts several ‘finds’ every single day on his Telegram page!


We could be wrong. It could find a wallet, and you possibly could extract crypto from it. However I reckon the only people raking it in are these software developers feeding off people’s greed or desperation. you make up you own mind!

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Millions in Lost Crypto Treasure Waiting to be Unearthed? 2

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