Earn From Home Ideas for 2024

In addition to our suggestions in the blog, here’s a post to inspire you with ideas for working from home.

Already, 2024 poses a challenge for millions of families as they increasingly realise that the UK government continuously drains its citizens through rising costs, taxes, escalating expenses, and more, with no sign of respite in sight. Add to that the fines etc. generated by the likes of ULEZ (£3 – £500,000 is taken daily) rising energy, insurance costs and so on, and it is a very bleak picture.


FACT: Most people are about 4 weeks away from going broke. The challenge is that many of those people continue to live a life of quiet desperation, sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that somehow they will muddle through…invariably, they don’t. Please don’t let that be you.

It’s our responsibility to generate additional income to not just survive but thrive. Here are some really good ideas to make extra income with the limited resources that are available to you. Take a look.

Note – please investigate them thoroughly. It will not benefit you to skip through the titles – you may overlook a fantastic venture that would suit you perfectly.

Remote Jobs

Lets move on. Here is a way to make an income that you may not have considered before. you can make regular money doing customer advisory work. This is excellent for anyone stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands. The best news of all is that it is a way of interacting with other humans, and can be a life saver if you are housebound, unable to get out and about.

Here is a great place to start looking for remote jobs. go to FlexJobs

Here are some companies that offer this type of work. Note: this is not an exhaustive list. Think about the companies that you contact in the course of your day/work. Many of these calls are handled by people working from home.

  1. Amazon – Often hires remote customer service representatives to assist with inquiries about products and services.
  2. Apple – Offers remote positions for customer service roles, providing support for Apple products and services.
  3. American Express – Known to hire remote customer service professionals for their financial and travel services.
  4. Delta Airlines – Offers remote positions for customer service representatives to assist with flight reservations and inquiries.
  5. Hilton – Provides remote customer service opportunities, especially in the hospitality industry.
  6. JetBlue – Offers remote customer service roles in the airline industry.
  7. LiveOps – A call center outsourcing company that hires remote agents to work on various client projects.
  8. Sykes – Provides remote customer service positions across different industries and companies.
  9. Sutherland – Offers remote customer service opportunities for various clients in different sectors.
  10. TTEC – Provides remote customer service roles for different businesses, including tech support and customer care.
  11. Williams-Sonoma – Offers remote customer service positions, especially during peak holiday seasons.
  12. Alorica – Offers remote customer service opportunities across various industries.
  13. Concentrix – Known to hire remote customer service representatives for different client projects.
  14. Support.com – Provides remote technical support and customer service roles.
  15. Teleperformance – Offers remote customer service positions for multiple clients and industries.
  16. U-Haul – Provides remote customer service roles for their rental and moving services.
  17. Enterprise Holdings – Offers remote customer service positions for their car rental brands.
  18. Wayfair – Provides remote customer service opportunities in the home goods and furniture industry.
  19. Intuit – Offers remote customer service roles, especially related to their financial and tax software.
  20. NexRep – A company offering remote customer service and sales positions across various industries.

Remember, these companies often have fluctuating hiring needs, so checking their career pages or job boards regularly can increase your chances of finding remote opportunities with them.

How to Make Good Money Petsitting

There is a fabulous, totally FREE course on how to make money petsitting/dogwalking etc. There is a lot of money to be made, often for doing nothing but looking after a pet at your home, or going to let someone’s pet out to stretch their legs whilst the owner is at work. And when I say a lot of money to be made, I think you will be astonished just how lucrative this can be for animal lovers.

This course is excellent. It is free. It is made by someone who is an expert at making money.

That person is me 🙂 CLICK HERE to check it out

Last but not least…

Check out the UK Govt website for over 6,000 jobs, full and part time. Many of these are remote working, so there could be something there for you!

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