Emojis – Useful or Nuisance?

Emojis – should you use them? (Video)

You might want to use emojis in your marketing materials, but it’s important to understand your audience and how they will react before doing so. Demographics like age, gender, and location will play a big role in when and how you can use emojis successfully. You should also consider what types of emoji your target audience prefers. Collect data through research and analytics to learn more about your target audience, then make sure the emoji-enhanced messages you create reflect their interests.

Using emojis in your marketing can be tricky – it all depends on the devices your followers are using. Different platforms (like mobile and desktop) have different ways of displaying posts, and different versions of mobile phones can display emoji in different ways. So before you start including emoji in your content, make sure to test it out and preview how it will look on every device. That way, you can be sure that your message is communicated the way you want, and that your followers see the same emoji meanings you intended.

Emojis and social media

Emojis and social media are a perfect match. People use emojis every day to spruce up their social media posts and interact with their friends. There’s no reason your brand can’t do the same. When incorporating emoji in your social media posts, do so intentionally and with engagement in mind.

Use emojis to add extra context to your messaging, or to add emphasis to the text in your post.

Emojis - Useful or Nuisance? 1

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