Features v Benefits

***Please note that certain regulations prevent distributors in many companies from using some of the wording that we are about to give as an illustration. Please ensure that you get the required advertising approval before placing adverts. These should be treated as examples only.

To illustrate why you should use BENEFITS instead of FEATURES in everything you do, let’s just take a couple of examples. Then, we hope we never have to re-iterate this fundamental – in fact vital – key to your future income. It could make such a huge difference. Once you have been through this article, you will see why so many companies and so many distributors have a poor success rate, when just by forgetting about FEATURES and introducing nothing but BENEFITS, their sales and their distributor recruitment could explode beyond recognition.

Products and services.


This bottle of pills includes the special anti-inflammatory magi-posythurate ingredient, which is collected at night from the banks of the Umaguli river by a tribe of cannibals. We have to drive to the camp in armoured trucks, and quite often the drivers don’t come out alive. So it’s a very special and a very rare ingredient. That’s why it costs so much……..


When you try this product for a month, you should become virtually pain-free, and will be able to do all the things you could do twenty years ago such as playing golf again. How much would it be worth to you, to free yourself of those inflamed and aching joints?


This techno widget attached to your water supply and reduces your bills via a magno-electric impulse.


When you start to save money, it translates into extra money in your purse that you could spend at the hairdressers every month. It will be like getting pampered with a free hairdo whenever you want it (or a few extra pints at the Rugby club for the boys)


This jewellery is handmade and contains stones that you cannot distinguish from the real thing. This one, for example, is modelled on the famous Koh – Y – Poor necklace, but it’s only a fraction of the cost. This phenomenal jewellery is manufactured by British craftsmen, and the skill has been passed down through 5 generations!


When you wear this stunning necklace, you will actually feel like a princess. Walk into a room, and watch their eyes pop out of their head. You will light up the place and will be able to hear a pin drop……


Put this on to the manifold, and it will reduce the gases by up to 50%. So it’s excellent for the environment, and it will cut your fuel costs by around a third.


When you try this out, you will realise that over the course of a year, you will have reduced your motoring expenses massively – perhaps enough to be able to upgrade to a sportier model with the fold-away roof, so you can take a spin in the country on a warm sunny day?  Life is for living – not for worrying about how many times you are going to break down on the motorway, or having to make do with second best by driving around in an old car that’s on its last legs.

PS your neighbours will be so envious…..


When you join as a distributor, you get a compensation plan that’s 18 pages long, chock full of CGB, TBB SB, FTCGB, CVC, QICGB, PB, and every other B you can think of. There’s so much money in this type of plan with our company. I mean, 30 grand’s worth of bonuses is not to be sniffed at, and you won’t believe how many holidays are dished out to the distributors… The products go like hot cakes too.


The main reason why so many people join is that they begin to free themselves of the chains of trying to live every day in a downward spiral of rising debt, with not enough monthly income to go around. You can physically see the weight lifting off their shoulders, and the smiles on their faces as they realise that for once in their lives, they can be with ethical people in a wonderful business who actually care about their futures. But the thing that most people find is that whilst making a meaningful difference to their own lives, the products and services make a meaningful difference to someone else’s life too. Everyone wins, and everyone benefits – especially you.

Easy peasy, isn’t it?

Here’s what to do now.

Pick up any brochure from any company, or look at any of the adverts from MLM companies, and see how many of them are crammed full of FEATURES, or crammed full of BENEFITS.

It will really open your eyes!

Look in your company brochure, and pick out a product or service that is overloaded with features. Then, write out a couple of sentences that dwell on the benefits instead, and take a look at the amazing difference that it would make to the reader.

Do that, and you’ve discovered one of the ‘secrets’ of network marketing that can make the difference between struggling to gain an income from your business, and having so many customers and distributors that you don’t know where to put yourself…

Practise it yourself. See how you can offer benefits to someone in the form of solutions, rather than trying to wax lyrical about the features of your products and services in the hope that it will turn them on enough to become a customer or distributor.

There’s an interesting aside to this too. You will actually start to enjoy your business!


Always use this facility when writing an advert. Click on every big word that you have used, to see if there is a more powerful one.

Think of a word that you would like to put in an advert. For example, you think ‘fantastic’ is a great word. Type it onto your word document, and then click on the middle of the word. A drop-down sub-menu comes up. At the bottom of the submenu, click on Synonyms. A list of similar and perhaps more suitable words will appear…

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