How To Follow Up – The Easy Way

How To Follow Up - The Easy Way 1

Here is a very simple way to follow up a prospect.

give it a try!

Hi ………….. it’s {name}

I promised I would call regarding my home business venture. Can we go through it now if you have 5 minutes?

(If not, arrange to call back another time)

What is it that you would be best at doing – finding people who want to lose weight/buy gold/save money on their energy (etc.), or is it the team-building aspect?

Listen to their answer. Then:

If you are the right person, then you will join first and ask questions after. It is possibly the most lucrative opportunity available in the UK today, so it basically just needs you to make the decision to come on board.

I am being mentored by my sponsor who is a leader in the business/a top home business training couple (etc.) who have built a fantastic team/income/home business venture, and they are helping me to succeed.

Listen – I think I would like to get them to have a chat with you, as I think this would be right up your street, and it would be worth their time to talk to you. They will talk to all new team members. So when you have registered, you can get together with them.


“Apart from (their objection) is there any other reason why you wouldn’t want to join and be at the top of a fantastic business venture for once, instead of being at the bottom of the pile?”

If they say they don’t have the money, basically they aren’t motivated to get out of the trap they are in! So encourage them to be a customer to try out the products and get used to the system.

How To Follow Up - The Easy Way 3
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