500 Prompts for Children’s Colouring Books –

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Spark creativity and imagination with 500 easy to use  prompts for Children’s Colouring Books. This comprehensive collection of prompts is perfect for inspiring young artists and encouraging self-expression.


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500  Prompts for Children’s Colouring Books is a comprehensive collection of prompts designed to spark creativity and imagination in young artists.

With a wide range of themes and topics, these prompts will keep children engaged and inspired as they explore the world of coloring.

Each prompt is thoughtfully crafted to encourage self-expression and skill development, making this a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and anyone working with children.

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They will also keep anyone’s kids amused for hours!

Supplied in various formats.

Can be used with:

Midjourney (paid account required)



Easy to do – create an account, then copy and paste the prompt(s) in

Try it – you will be amazed at the quality and ease of use!


500 Prompts for Children's Colouring Books - 9

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