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A great thing about digital marketing is the choices that you have available. With different resources, and tools at different price levels, you have the leverage of choosing the most suitable one for you based on your company’s needs. One such option is a solo ad. Here is your comprehensive beginner’s guide on solo ads.

So, What Is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is a campaign that is in the form of an email. You can mail these campaigns to a niche list of people that you typically rent from another industry to send your promotional campaigns. 

The process of building a comprehensive email list is essential for effective promotions. It is more personalized as compared to generic ads. 

How do Solo Ads Work?

Solo ads are personalized in the sense that it is targeted towards that your list of users with only your promotion alone. The messaging is centered around your offer alone without any extra attachments. Hence, minimizing the distraction of potential consumers.

It works when an online personality in your field builds a large database of subscribers, then they would begin selling these ads. You pay for their services and they would send an email promoting it to a fixed number of subscribers. 

When you are transacting with a solo ad provider, your purchase is dependent on the number of clicks or emails your promotions will be sent to. The owner of the list will send the email to the users and thereby help you gain traffic and sales for your website.

Are Solo Ads Right for Your Business?

Whether solo ads are the right strategy for your business is dependent upon the nature of your business. If your business fits the following criteria then solo ads may be a well-suited match for you. Let us take a look at some of the factors: 

Statured niche

If your chosen field is one with a high amount of content being published on a daily basis, then you would have to work harder for visibility. In the context of such a saturated niche, solo ads with their personalized touch can capture the consumers’ attention. 

Competitive niche

Similar to the above-mentioned factor, if you are in a competitive avenue such as dating, or health, and are looking to make money, then you need to take your marketing a notch higher. You can do so with the help of solo ads. 

Low budget or beginner stage

If you are starting out and want to build a solid customer base but want to quicken the pace, then this could be an ideal option for you. The waiting period is less and the chances of getting many customers are high. 

What Are the Benefits of Solo Ads?

With so many services for building your company’s online presence, solo ads may come across as frivolous at first. However, they can be a crucial turning point for your business.

This is why they have persisted for so many years. Let us take a brief look at some of the benefits of solo ads:


Solo ads are straightforward because all you have to do is send an email to a vendor and your job is done! So, you can save up your creative energy for your business instead of writing ads.


To reach out to a wider audience, you can access the enormous email lists compiled by the vendors. This way you do not have to start from scratch. 


Since the potential customers are already interested in the emails by your chosen vendor, your campaigns will be viewed by them. Increased viewership means that the chances of them visiting your website increases as well. 

How to Use Solo Ads Successfully?

In order to run successful solo ads, there are some questions you must address before proceeding.

Where is the list from?

Inquire about how your vendor created the list. If you can get a confirmation that you share the target audience, then that is sufficient. The ideal scenario is that the client list was created with the traffic from a webpage in your niche. 

Who is the vendor?

Do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the vendor online. With so many claims made by them, it is difficult to decipher a reliable vendor. So, to be on the safe side, invest a small amount first, and then increase the amount if you are satisfied with the work.

What is the approach?

You also need to know the type of approach the vendor takes. One of the things you need to ensure is that the vendor is not sending emails every single day –this would just be drowned out amongst other emails. 

Furthermore, keep a check on how they deal with the clients who do no open their mails— be on alert if they take no action because it is important. Lastly, ask about the response rate. Transparency is key with such an interaction. 

The Ad Writing Process

Although it may seem easier to delegate the ad writing process to your vendor, avoid doing so! There is no one who would know your brand and products better than you; write the ad yourself. For this purpose, let us look at some practices to incorporate in your ad writing process.

Hook your target audience

Make the subject line as catchy as possible, it is the first thing people will see in their mailbox. Hook them by writing something unique, relevant, and eye-catching. 

Minimalistic messaging

People do not have a long attention span, so do not make your ad long and tedious to read. Keep it short (around 1 to 3 paragraphs), and ensure that the readability score is high. 

Do not complicate the language; keep it simple. 

Link your message

Be sure to add a link in the form of ‘call to action’ in your message. However, do not include a plethora of links, just one link to your main webpage is ideal. 

Know your target audience

Frame your message according to the questions relevant to your target audience. This would keep them engaged and interested. 

Where Can You Find Solo Ads?

Finding a reliable solo ad vendor is not easy, so you can make use of websites that act as a middleman between you and the vendor. These websites are accountable for the vendors and therefore you can save thousands of dollars from a fraudulent vendor. 

One of the most trusted websites is Udimi.

What Is Udimi?

Udimi is a marketplace for buying and selling solo ads email campaigns. It is reliable, user-friendly, and free to use. You only have to pay to choose your vendor. 

Udimi ensures transparency, i.e., the details we discussed in the earlier section are provided to you before you contact the vendors. Plus, there are also ratings on each profile from previous clients. You may also understand the quality of their work by looking at the number of people who have used their services. 

How to Buy a Solo Ad?

Once you settle on the vendor you want to work with, you can apply certain Udimi filters to track your traffic. The base filter will discard bots, other filters require extra investment, but would increase your success rate.

If you are looking to invest in solo ads, then this is the best platform to opt for. It is a simple yet effective platform with a proven track record. 

The bottom line

Thus, solo ads are a great way to increase traffic for your online business. Take advantage of the range of benefits it has to offer and witness your sales increase. Take a look at Udimi to get started and see how that works for you. 

Happy marketing!
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