$2000 – $5000 Weekly, as Seen on Facebook

I saw a few messages on a Facebook Group that attracted my attention, along with numerous others who were asking for the information.

Basically, they were replies to people who weren’t get paid for home work that they had done. The person said along the lines of – “I am leaving as I am making 2k – 5k weekly with something else, and I don’t need this hassle”.

When I messaged and asked for information, this is what they replied:

“I’m a stay at home mom but I’m into a passive stocks and assets day trading as a side income since the pandemic period till now, I make $2000 to $5000 weekly depending on my input. It gave me financial stability and also yields a better output. This is highly profitable as I work with the help of an expert.

It’s basically trading forex but this time a professional would be doing that on your behave , all you gotta do is watch how your trade grows on the company website and when to withdraw after each successful trade.”

I was encouraged to download something called Signal Private Messenger to my phone, and then to text someone called Edmond Bugos to say I was depositing a minimum of $300 to get started.

A little while later, on another group, I saw a similar message from someone saying they were making $2 – $3000 weekly and to message if interested. Heres’ what I got when I asked for more info:

“Ok about the opportunity from home, it’s digital currency trading/exchange, it’s very lucrative and has been a life-changing experience for me. I earn more than $2-3k weekly from it. It’s easier for me because I work with an expert and she guides me on how to go about it”

I was then advised to download the signal app, and to contact someone called Pearl Anderson to say I wanted to get started.

Then, a little while later I saw another similar message…

In my mind, this is a sophisticated scam, where these people are replying to messages in various groups, and inviting people to download an app and them deposit money. I trade forex, and to make that sort of money every week requires a large deposit of funds. So steer well clear!

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$2000 - $5000 Weekly, as Seen on Facebook 1

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